Mask dances

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Carnival dance- at midnight the stranger will take off the mask. The carnival called Pust it‘s a traditional festival in Slovenia, it`s a carnival of joy. People believe that Pust scares away the winter and announces the arrival of the … Continued

Cats at night

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Cats are known for being independent, curious and brave; they symbolically represent light and darkness. Their eyes shine at night, when they are active; It is said that black cats are especially independent, but also social. When people sleep, their … Continued

Framing paintings

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For an artist, it is always such a pleasure to add the finishing touch to the painting, to complete the whole look with the right frame. It is how the painting gets a stunning new dimension and presents itself in … Continued

Slovenian Alps

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If there is a myth about Slovenians, it is definitely about hiking in the mountains! And I am no exception regarding this topic! 🙂  I particularly like panorama view from the peaks of our Alps. That is also the view … Continued

You are welcome in my Atelier Paysage

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My studio, Atelier Paysage, is located in the middle of the unspoiled nature with inspiring views of the Slovenian landscape. Especially in this time of the year the surrounding meadows and woods offer amazing range of colors! I always seek for the opportunitis to put them on the canvas. If you … Continued

Interpretation of haiku poetry

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I wanted to share with you my ongoing art project that is deeply connected with haiku poetry. For those of you who don’t know what is haiku: haiku is a very short form of Japanese poetry, which in a very … Continued

Spring awakening

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When I look through the windows of my Atelier, I can see that the seasons are already changing. The winter is waving goodbye and spring is awakening … slight violet tones, the colors of saffron, one of the first flowers growing … Continued

Recycled New Year greeting cards

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Even though we are living in a digital era, I am still one of those who sends cheerful New Year’s wishes to family and friends as a handmade greeting card. This year I made environmentally conscious New Year greeting cards … Continued

Double smile

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I always like to keep my memories, as a photography and later even as a painting, especially, when the scene is so inspiring! I made the painting Double smile after a holiday by the sea. I wanted to capture my … Continued