Always Uniqe Ideas for the Loved Ones

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It has always been my greatest pleasure to create and give my own artistic work to my loved ones. I believe, that a gift made especially for someone is priceless.

For this purpose I started to paint also on smaller size canvas. I wanted the paintings to look adorable and feel as an appropriate compliment for the recipient. If framed, they can compete with larger paintings, but they are on budget!

I am always in search of new motifs for them. However, for some motifs I am maybe already recognized, for example dandelions from the illustrations, flourishing poppies … I also use typical ethno motifs from Slovenian cultural heritage, such as tools used in historical black kitchens, hayrack or carnation flower. Festive themes are always current, especially around Christmas and New Year, but also genre motifs, roses, a cup of coffee, mini bouquets for wives and mothers … always find an honest happiness and grateful “thank you”.

Perhaps you have your own special wish for your beloved ones? I would gladly help you to fulfill this wish!

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