Autumun Colours on Canvas

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How to paint a smaller abstract painting in the colours of Autumn?

1. You will need a canvas, acrylic paints, a brush and a spatula.

2. Start by preparing your background. Using a brush, paint your canvas in the colors of the autumn leaves.

3. When the background paint is dry, continue with applying the foreground using a spatula. Working with a spatula requires some skills and can be tricky at first, but practice makes the master! For the foreground, choose colours that naturally occur in the present season by mixing base colours (red, yellow, blue). Using swift spatula strokes, keep in mind the basic painting composition rules: the presence od warmer colours in the                     foreground while keeping the cooler colour tones in the background.

4. Applying the desired amount of colour layers, let the paint dry.

Autumn colours on canvas will keep you warm during the cold winter.


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