• Volcanic coast
  • Black volcanic coasts breathe from the past.


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Visiting new places and discovering yet unknown beauties is the basis of my artistic expression. Last year I was inspired by the volcanic island Lanzarote, with black coast in the south and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean in the north. Centuries ago, the southern part of the island was flooded by devastating lava and left behind a unique landscape appearance. I went there in Spring, when the modest bushy plants were germinating from the reddish magmatic rocks …

There was a famous architect living on Lanzarote, Cezar Manrique, whose home I visited. This place is now a foundation, named after him. He made it majestic, by incorporating volcanic environment in the underground chambers. Not far from the foundation is also a cactus park, made after his architectural and artistic ideas.

Unique experiences from the volcanic island are now being transferred on canvas…

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