Recycled New Year greeting cards

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Even though we are living in a digital era, I am still one of those who sends cheerful New Year’s wishes to family and friends as a handmade greeting card. This year I made environmentally conscious New Year greeting cards using materials that were no longer in use.

There is still time to delight your dearests with warm wishes and surprise them with a recycled New Year greeting card! All you need to do is find an old sack, tablecloth or napkin and pieces of a recycled paper. Cut the sack (or tablecloth or napkin) in a desired shape and paint it with an acrylic paint. You can use either festive colors, such as gold, red or green, or simply cover it in winter colors, such as white, blue or silver. Let the paint dry. Once the paint is dry glue it to the recycled paper and write down warm New Year’s wishes.

And my wish for you … May the joyful holiday spirit surround you and your family and I wish you a wonderful and artistic New Year!