Spring awakening

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When I look through the windows of my Atelier, I can see that the seasons are already changing. The winter is waving goodbye and spring is awakening … slight violet tones, the colors of saffron, one of the first flowers growing from the cold winter ground with the green blades of grass. Yes, the spring is here!

I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by views which inspire me to paint day after day. The painting that I devoted to the spring awakening will soon be decorating the windows of the city Gallery. I hope that together with the freshness of the spring it will encourage all of us to go out and walk in the nature. But, if the the cold appears again, I am sure it will awake the spring atmosphere also at your home!

  1. Stefan Müller

    Freshness of the spring – we are just awaiting it. What a beautiful selection of colors!
    But then, the painting reminds me of an orchestra and its many sheets of music, sounding together with the advent of springtime.
    So nice!!!